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Exam Procedures

Exam Procedures

NOTE: The following rules are necessary to maintain the academic integrity of the exam process. Failure to adhere to these rules could result in the exam being deemed invalid, you being charged with academic dishonesty, and/or proctor approval being withdrawn. If you cannot take the exam on the scheduled exam date, please notify your instructor immediately. You are not permitted to take the exam outside the allotted exam window or on a computer of your own.

You MUST BRING PHOTO IDENTIFICATION to the exam. The ID must be either an official government-issued ID (driver’s license, passport, or military ID) or a PSU ID. If your PSU ID card does not have a photo identification credentials, you cannot use your PSU ID to identify yourself. Your workspace must be clear of all other items.

This is a closed-book exam, and utilization of any external aid is strictly prohibited. You are not permitted to retain a cell phone or other electronic or communication devices during the exam. You may need a cell phone to log in to Canvas via two-factor authentication, but after logging in you must turn off and put away any mobile devices and/or smartwatches. Course materials such as texts or notes, or scrap paper also are not permitted during the exam.

Your sentences in the exam, including those in your composition, must be your own work. You cannot adapt or totally or partially copy/use sentences from the reading section or from any other section of the exam in your answers. If you do so, this will result in a zero in the exam, this incident will be reported to the College of the Liberal Arts as academic dishonesty violation, and you might also be susceptible to other sanctions consistent with University guidelines, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Do not participate in the sharing of exam details (e.g. questions, answers, vignettes, etc.). Before or during the exam period, you may not receive exam details from any sources. Likewise, during or after the exam period, you may not disseminate exam details to other people or on the web. Exam details may not be sent or received through any means of communication (e.g. text, images, word of mouth, etc.).

Do not bring your own personal computer. You must use a computer provided by the proctor or proctoring site. You are only allowed to use one monitor/screen. The use of text-predictive applications is prohibited.

Before starting the exam, you must perform the Exam Audio Test in Canvas to make sure that the audio works correctly. You may need to adjust the computer settings. Be sure to test your headphones. Take the exam using traditional wired headphones. Do not bring wireless headphones as the exam computer may not support them.

After you navigate to the exam, the proctor will enter the code to unlock the exam. You will then be able to begin the exam.

It is also your responsibility to notify your proctor immediately of any technical or medical issues. Re-taking exams after you have left the testing place will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Exam Technical Problems

If you experience any technical difficulties with the exam, inform your proctor. If this person cannot help you immediately resolve the problem you are experiencing, first complete the exam to the best of your ability and then contact the appropriate help unit listed below:

Weekdays (8:30am - 5:30pm)

Call Brian Smith (Technology Coordinator, Spanish Basic Language Program). If you would like a written response, you can also email him.

Weekdays (After 5:30pm) and Weekends

Call The World Campus and Continuing Education HelpDesk.

  • Phone (toll-free within the United States): 1-800-252-3592, option 4
  • Phone (local and international calls): 1-814-865-0047