Spanish Basic Language ProgramDepartment of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese

What is the Spanish Basic Language Program

The Spanish Basic Language Program (SBLP) consists of the beginning and intermediate levels of Spanish culture and language instruction. The program consists of a series of three 4-credit semester courses for students who are not native Spanish speakers. The purpose of the program is to develop and improve communication skills when listening, reading, speaking, and writing in Spanish. Communication ability is improved by focusing on linguistic, sociocultural, discourse and strategic skills. In order to accomplish this goal, the program follows a communicative approach with focus on form.

This approach combines content- and task-based materials in a student-centered environment. In addition, the integration of computer-enhanced instruction in weekly assignments aims to facilitate the acquisition of the target language by emphasizing self-paced learning, and by providing immediate feedback and the opportunity to improve.

The computer-enhanced instruction is completed online using Canvas, Penn State’s course management system. Throughout the semester students are required to complete a number of online exercises that are designed to allow students to learn at their own pace and in their own way. If you plan on enrolling in one of our basic language courses, please follow this link to learn how to get started with Canvas.

If you have ever taken a Spanish language course before, either high school or as a previous college course, please review the Placement Policy for Penn State Foreign Language Courses.

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