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Laptop Accents

Laptop Accents

Try the suggested directions below

Laptop computers come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your type of laptop, the way you type accents may vary.

Traditional keyboard

For Laptops that have a traditional keyboard (like the type you see on a normal desktop PC):

  • Use the normal Alt codes to type the accented characters.

PC Laptop

If you are using a PC laptop you will need to use the secondary numeric keypad located in the center of your keyboard.

  • Hold down your Shift key and press the NumLock key (usually located in the top right corner of the keyboard). You should still be able to type normally on the keyboard.
  • Add the accent by holding down the Alt and Fn (function) keys and then use the secondary numeric keypad to type the numeric sequence code (Alt-code).

Mac Laptop

Follow the instructions listed on this website.

If you continue to have problems please contact the Technology Coordinator via the Help Form for an appointment.

Here are a few more links that may help you type accents on both desktop and laptop computers using the Alt key:

**We also suggest that you clear your web browser’s cache (temporary Internet files that accumulate over time and may prevent your browser from behaving properly).**